BlueBOLT™ Dealer Certification

Certification is no longer required. However, you may still wish to watch the training videos and take the quiz.

If you have any questions, please contact Panamax/Furman at 800-472-5555.

Training Videos

Introduction to BlueBOLT

Maximize BlueBOLT with Advanced Features

Certification Quiz

Question 1: For BlueBOLT devices which use the CV1 card to add Internet connection, initial configuration consists of which procedure?




Question 2: One critical configuration of a account requires you to...


Question 3: The number of controllable outlets or banks is hardware dependent (i.e. It depends on which model of component in question)


Question 4: BlueBOLT will only send out email notifications for over-voltages


Question 5: IMPORTANT: BlueBOLT will STOP operating if you turn off the outlet powering the system\'s router and/or modem using the interface


Question 6: Currently which User Permission Levels are available?


Question 7: All Clients, regardless of Permission Level, must have a (free) account in order to log-in and set their Scheduled Commands


Question 8: I can use the "Power Cycle" command with a router or modem without permanently disabling the connection to the Internet


Question 9: The Email Alerts are all opt-in (meaning by default I must select each alert I wish to receive)



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